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Specac launch NEW Heated Puck accessory for the Quest™ ATR

Specac are delighted to announce the launch of an all-new heated puck for the market-leading Quest™ ATR. It is capable of analysing both liquid and solid samples at up to 110 °C. Systems that may be studied at this temperature include soaps, oils, trans-fats, and proteins. The puck makes use of monolithic diamond ATR crystals, with ZnSe as an option. Diamond is best for most applications, having excellent physical toughness and chemical resistance, while ZnSe can be useful in the regions where diamond has phonon absorbances.

The stability and accuracy of temperature control is enhanced through the use of a high-precision 4-wire RTD sensor, while the use of monolithic diamond ATR crystals makes the accessory as robust and as chemically resistant as the standard Quest ATR. For the diamond material, in particular, we avoid the use of laminated diamond/ZnSe of our competitors, which is prone to breakage under point loads and narrows the spectral range of the accessory. The temperature of the accessory is controlled from a PC app which plots the current accessory temperature against experiment time, along with the target temperature the program is trying to reach. Several temperature “ramps” and “dwells” may be programmed in the app’s program editor. See the video below for a demonstration of the Quest Heated Puck in action

PIKE Accessory Catalog

Download the New PIKE Catalog >  Filled with FTIRNIR and UV-Vis Spectroscopy Sampling Solutions Our special edition catalog “Spectroscopy In Motion” features video clips of select PIKE automated accessories in action! Flash player is required to view videos.


    Automated ATR Sampling   New PIKE AutoATR  A breakthrough in automated ATR analysis! Perform up to 24 unique measurements in a single run. Produces spectra comparable to a single reflection ZnSe or diamond ATR.

PIKE PressPRO Hydraulic Press

    Make Perfect Pellets New PressPRO Programmable Hydraulic Press Variable force up to 15 US tons. Easy-to-use touch-screen programming. Microprocessor controlled force application is consistent and reproducible giving you quality pellets every time!

PIKE SmartSeal Liquid Transmission Cells

    RoHS Compliant Sealed Cells  New SmartSeal Liquid Transmission Cells A proprietary sealing technique makes these leakproof for long-lasting sampling and cost efficiency. Available in a wide variety of window materials and sampling pathlengths.

When enhanced sensitivity for FTIR-ATR measurements is important, choose the new low-volume 9-Reflection Diamond/ZnSe Trough Plate from PIKE Technologies. This MIRacle ATR plate is ideal for mass-limited samples… and when it comes to easy cleaning, it knocks it out of the park! Read Application Note


The SurveyIRTM is a new FT-IR Micro-spectroscopy accessory designed to deliver the ultimate user experience for a broad range of microanalysis techniques.

Download the Brochure and Datasheet.

Read about our analysis of Cannabis Oil and Bio-Diesel and check out our Near-Infrared Process Cell for industrial flow analysis. We will be exhibiting at BioFuels, SCIX and Gulf Coast conferences this year. BioFuels: Booth 15 SCIX: Booth 613 Gulf Coast: Booth 100 Get in touch to request pricing and a product info.

Cannabis Oil Analysis We measure the CBD content of cannabis oil.

Measuring Bio-Diesel We analyzed FAME bio-diesel using infrared.

NIR Process Cells Read about our industrial flow process cells.
We are now offering the SurveyIR micro-spectroscopy instrument. An ergonomic, variable IR mask microscopy accessory offering alignment-free analysis. Quickly produce research grade visual images via high resolution colour video in reflection, transmission and ATR viewing modes. Visit our website to see spectra of micro-plastics, narcotics, explosives, plastics, micro-fibers, paint and paper contaminants. Get in touch to request pricing and a product info.

Infrared microscope A compact and simple microscopy accessory.

Micro-Fiber Evaluation An application note on micro-fiber IR analysis.

Engineering Plastics Identifying contaminants in plastics using imaging.
Legal High & Drug analysis
Check out the spectra collected from Mephedrone, Cocaine and Ketamine using our ATR accessory We free-loaned Staffordshire University our Quest ATR-FTIR spectrometer accessory so they could analyze Mephedrone and other drugs for the Staffordshire Police Force. This work is part of our Education Business Partnership. Read the application note here, watch the video here and check out some great reviews of our Quest ATR accessory hereVisit the Quest ATR page for product info and to request a free quote. Learn more from Specac at BCEIA Beijing stand 21095 and Analytica Sao Paulo Hall 1 Stand 180.

FTIR-ATR analysis of narcotics, legal highs and cutting agents Read this application note, in partnership with Staffordshire University’s Mia Abbott.
Check out our FTIR Spectrometer Accessories and request a free quote for more information and a free demonstration of our leading infrared Reflectance and Transmissionaccessories.