Mining & Metals

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) are the most commonly used techniques in the Mining and metals industry, and Pecsa Analytical offer Hollow Cathode and Backgound Correction lamps for  AA, and  torches, spray chambers   and other precision glassware for ICP. We can also supply graphite tubes used in high sensitivity flameless techniques such as AA furnace or heated Graphite Analyser  (HGA). Another commonly used technique is X ray fluorescence (XRF), and Pecsa offers a range of Solid sampling and Sample Preparation  equipment for this type of analysis.

Common application are analysing field samples for precious metal content, monitoring waste process streams on mines to locate filter failure, assay analysis of Gold and Platinum group metals (PGM) to ensure purity, and analysis of base metals and alloys to ensure compliance with specifications.

Wear metal Analysis of Lubricating Oils is used to determine service interval on heavy equipment as the metal concentrations and the ratios of different metals can indicate which part of the equipment is wearing most quickly. AA & ICP analysis together with FTIR & IR analysis of Oil additives can reduce operational downtime by identifying damaged parts and warning of impending failures, as well as giving a n  indication of  appropriate time for servicing.