Buck Scientific

Buck Scientific, Inc. stared in 1970 and now has more than 10,000 satisfied instrument users in over 40 countries. We support a wide variety of customers in the industrial, environmental, quality control, mining, plating, and educational markets. Our engineers and chemists are continuously developing new applications to serve particular needs.

Our success can be attributed to our outstanding customer service, realistic prices, and reliable instruments. Since we were founded by a service engineer, we design instruments that do not require very much service.

The Buck AA Systems are very popular with Waste water treatment plants, precious metal mines, plating facilities, Universities and Quality control labs.

Buck Scientific also offer a comprehensive range of accessories for Atomic Absorption, including Hollow cathode lamps, Graphite furnace accessories, Hydride and cold vapour systems  and installation accessories.

Other products from Buck Scientific include:  Microwave digestion systems for ICP, AA,   Sampling accessories for IR and FTIR,  Cuvettes and cells for UV/vis spectrophotometry  and the HC4040 Total Hydrocarbon Analyser.

For more information contact sales@pecsa.co.za or 082 903 4251.