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For more than 30 years Pecsa Analytical has supplied the South African market with essentials for analytical analysis. Products available are listed below, together with links to more detailed information on these items, their applications and manufacturers.

For more information on theoretical and practical aspects of the different analytical techniques view our NOTES and SAMPLING TIPS.

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Spectroscopic Equipment

for a wide range of Industries

  • Spectroscopic Equipment for a wide range of industries and applications, such as
  • Petrochemicals, Plastics and Packaging,
  • Mining, Metals, and Environmental
  • Pharmaceutical & Food
  • Medical & Forensic
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Established in 1990

Pecsa Analytical is a South African based supplier of scientific accessories and consumables, from such well known manufacturers as Hellma, Pike Technologies, Specac, Chemplex and Buck Scientific.

Products include:

  • Cuvettes, cells, NIST and Ph. Eur. Calibration standards for UV/vis and NIR spectrophotometry.
  • Attenuated total reflectance (ATR), Diffuse Reflectance, and Specular Reflectance accessories for FTIR.
  • Windows, cells, dies & hydraulic presses for Transmission Infra red Spectroscopy (IR).
  • Sampling cups, thin film sample supports, dies and hydraulic presses for XRF sample preparation.
  • AA lamps (hollow cathode lamps & deuterium lamps), hydride systems and fume extraction for Atomic Absorption, and Microwave digestion systems.
  • NIR, IR & UV Optical Immersion Probes and Fibre Optic Flow Cells for on-line analysis and measurement.
  • Tray cells, micro plates and fluorescence cells for DNA/RNA analysis.
  • Disposable plastic cuvettes and cells for medical and forensic applications.
  • GC/FTIR accessory for identification of mixtures, and Waveguide accessory for remote Infrared sampling.
  • FTIR microscopes for analysis of microplastics, drugs and explosives.

Did you know?

Diagnostics plays a crucial role in the containment of the coronavirus pandemic. The faster and more extensive suspected cases of Covid19 infected people are diagnosed and identified, the faster we can prevent a further spread. Companies in the pharmaceutical, life science and medical technology sector are working intensively to provide new diagnostic tools. Hellma products are used in many analytical processes, such as DNA / RNA analysis, immunoassay, PCR analysis and blood analysis through flow cytometry.

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