PIKE Accessory Catalog


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Filled with FTIRNIR and UV-Vis
Spectroscopy Sampling Solutions


Our special edition catalog “Spectroscopy In Motion” features video clips of select PIKE automated accessories in action! Flash player is required to view videos.




Automated ATR Sampling  


A breakthrough in automated ATR analysis! Perform up to 24 unique measurements in a single run. Produces spectra comparable to a single reflection ZnSe or diamond ATR.

PIKE PressPRO Hydraulic Press



Make Perfect Pellets

New PressPRO Programmable Hydraulic Press

Variable force up to 15 US tons. Easy-to-use touch-screen programming. Microprocessor controlled force application is consistent and reproducible giving you quality pellets every time!


PIKE SmartSeal Liquid Transmission Cells



RoHS Compliant Sealed Cells 

New SmartSeal Liquid Transmission Cells

A proprietary sealing technique makes these leakproof for long-lasting sampling and cost efficiency. Available in a wide variety of window materials and sampling pathlengths.


When enhanced sensitivity for FTIR-ATR measurements is important,

choose the new low-volume 9-Reflection Diamond/ZnSe Trough Plate

from PIKE Technologies.

This MIRacle ATR plate is ideal for mass-limited samples…

and when it comes to easy cleaning, it knocks it out of the park!

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