Teaching & Research

Pecsa Analytical supplies a wide range of accessories and consumable to teaching laboratories in Universities and Technikons, such as Liquid cells and windows for FTIR analysis,  Cuvettes and cells for UV /visible spectrophotometry, Hollow cathode lamps for Atomic Absorption instrumentation, and  solid sampling and sample preparation equipment for Infra-Red and FTIR spectroscopy.

Research uses all of these products as well, but also uses more specialised items such as Flow through and tandem cells for kinetic studies, where  two different reaction can be monitored under  exactly the same conditions, and Fibre optic systems where Research teams are building the methodology to apply on line analysis to the factory environment.

Innovative uses of Atomic Absorption and ICP include correlating wine with its region of origin, by comparing the trace metals in the wine with the trace metal profile of soils from that region, and restoration of old painting by using Analytical Software spectral databases to identify the original materials.