Pharmaceuticals & Foods

Typical uses of our products to the pharmaceutical industry would be Reference & Calibration standards to meet quality control regulation such as ISO 9000, Good laboratory Practice (GLP), and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). ATR, HATR and Diffuse Reflectance are commonly used for the analysis of viscous liquids such as hair shampoos, cough syrups, tooth paste, and for direct analysis of tablets & powders. Alternatively these can be analysed using Solid sampling & Sample preparation techniques, as well as basic techniques using Liquid cells and Windows. The new Pearl liquid analyser from Specac offers a fast alternative to traditional transmission measurement for the busy laboratory. Rates of tablet dissolution are normally measured in a dedicated dissolution apparatus which uses Hellma Cuvettes and Cells.

In modern food processing a range of additives such as vitamins and preservatives help the product keep longer and make the product healthier for the consumer. At the same time sugar and salt levels must be controlled to prevent obesity and heart disease. All these additives must be carefully controlled to avoid excess consumption. Chemical analysis using techniques such as UV-Vis, HPLC and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy is common, and requires such products as Cuvettes & CellsBackground correction sources, Hollow Cathode lamps and Fibre Optic Immersion probes.

Monitoring  trace metals  in foodstuffs is conveniently carried out using  Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, and Hollow cathode Lamps and Graphite tubes would be used in this technique.