Pecsa Analytical offers a full range if FTIR & Infra red accessories, the most common analytical technique in the Petrochemical & Plastics fields.

Typical applications would include identification of unknown materials using simple Liquid cells or HATR in conjunction with Spectral databases, quantitative analysis of solvent and polymer blends, and quantitative and qualitative analysis of solid polymers and waxes using the constant thickness film maker. Used oil analysis can be quickly performed using the new Pearl accessory from Specac.

In the packaging industry, Specular reflectance is commonly used for identification, and the diamond ATR system is particularly useful for direct analysis of hard solid samples.

For direct on line measurements in the Petrochemical Industry a large variety of immersion probes and the possibility of customizing them allow users to adapt the installation to their individual requirements. Process flow cells can be used in a by pass loop from the main process to enable on line monitoring of the process stream by UV/NIR analysers, while enabling isolation of the detection system for cleaning and calibration.

Portable NIR analysers are also available for in situ monitoring of the composition of process streams at different points.