Water quality  is  monitored at municipal, regional and national level. UV and Visible spectrophotometry offers a low cost versatile method of water analysis that is within the budget of most municipalities. The Specac Oil in Water Kit is a low cost method of checking for oil pollution, and the Hellma range of Optical Immersion probes offer on stream analysis of a wide range of materials. Analysis of chemical waste from manufacturing is best carried out using the Pike MIRacle ATR with diamond crystal plate, which can handle the wide PH range of this type of sample

Atomic absorption and ICP offer quicker methods of trace metal analysis, and are commonly used by regional and national water authorities.  The Pike GC/FTIR accessory can be used for the measurement of pesticide, insecticide and fungicide levels, and the Bio-Rad Sadtler databases enable quick identification of other organic pollutants.

Air pollution measurements normal use long pathlength Infra Red Gas Cells to detect gaseous pollutants such as automotive exhaust gases and hydrocarbon pollutants produced by the petrochemical Industry, while particulate contaminants are usually analysed by first filtering out the contaminants from the air supply, then analysing the filtrate by a trace detection technique like the Pike Micro Diamond Cell.