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For more than 30 years Pecsa Analytical has supplied the South African market with accessories and consumables for spectroscopy.

Suppliers include Hellma, Specac, Pike Technologies and Buck Scientific; techniques include AA/ICP, IR/FTIR, UV/vis/NIR, XRF/XRD.

Ultra Violet & Visible Spectroscopy

Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy

X-Ray Fluorescence/Diffraction

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Pecsa Analytical was established in 1990 as a specialist supplier of essentials for analytical analysis. Here are some of the products we sell and their typical areas of application.

For the theoretical background and practical advice on these techniques see our NOTES and SAMPLING TIPS or contact us at sales@pecsa.co.za or 082 903 4251.

Mining and Metals

Atomic Absorption (AA) hollow cathode lamps, hydride systems, fume extraction, gas regulators and air compressors, microwave digestion systems, ICP torches,   XRF/XRD sampling cups & thin films supports, dies & hydraulic presses.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

NIST and Ph.Eur calibration standards, tray cells and microplates for DNA/RNA analysis, dissolution flow cells, micro and ultra micro cuvettes, plastic disposable cells,  cylindrical cells and fluorescence and flow cytometry cuvettes.

Petrochemicals and Plastics

UV/vis/NIR Optical Immersion Probes and Fibre Optics cells, Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR & HATR) for FTIR, Diffuse and Specular Reflectance accessories, KBr dies and presses, NaCl and KBr windows and Transmission cells.

Research and Environmental

Long Pathlength Gas cells, Oil in Water Analysis Kits, flow through & tandem  glass and quartz cuvettes , Variable temperature and Flow transmission cells, polarisers, Waveguide and GC/FTIR accessories, FTIR microscopes.

New products from our suppliers

For more information and current pricing, contact us at sales@pecsa.co.za, or 082 903 4251

The Specac Apex Quick Release XRF die makes routine pellet preparation simple and faster than ever before. The patented auto-ejector sleeve allows release of the finished pellet without needing to invert, disassemble or, handle the Die at any point during pressing. After compression of the sample, release of the load causes the ejector tabs to swivel over and capture the sleeve in release position. Re-applying a load causes the finished pellet to be pushed clear of the die body.

Process Probes from Hellma Analytics can be used for all kinds of applications. XP probes when accuracy and reproducibility are the main priority HY  Probes  for use in production processes with high hygienic requirements. HD Probes are the best choice for high pressures and temperatures conditions. Contact us for advice on the best configuration for your application.

The Pike Technologies IRIS accessory is the go-to diamond ATR for every lab. It is designed to make IR sampling easy. You can expect high-quality spectra covering a wide range of samples from powders, gels, liquids, solids and more. It is ideal for research, QA/QC and sample identification. Data collection for most samples may be completed in less than one minute.

The MDS-15 from Buck Scientific is a versatile microwave digestion system which can handle both routine work, and  more complicated and demanding samples  with a wide variety of vessels to choose from.  It applies high-energy uniform microwave field for a rapid digestion with a quick 20 minute cool down time.   The quartz digestion vessel enables the whole process to be visible.


A selection of stock items with prices. Please note discounted prices only apply until the stock is sold. To order, contact sales@pecsa.co.za or 082 903 4251.

Hellma 40mm Quartz cells, matched pair 100-40-K-40 R5300
Hellma 50mm Quartz cell, single 100-50-40 R2700
Hellma 50mm cylindrical quartz cell 120-50-40 R3200
Hellma 10mm semi-micro fluorescence cell 104F-10-40 R4100
Hellma 10mm micro cells, matched pair 105-10-K-40 R4500
Hellma 10mm Glass Microflowcell 178.010-20 R5400
Hellma 10mm glass microcell 104.002-10-20 R1100
Pike Technologies Sodium chloride window 41x23x6mm R1500
Pike Technologies MIRacle Volatiles Cover 025-3051 R627
Pike Technologies round NaCl window 32mm 160-1121 R1250
Specac NaCl Liquid cell windows GS01810 (pair) R1950
Specac KBr Mull cell windows GS01831 (pair) R2500
Specac NaCl Mull windows GS01830 (pair) R1300
Buck Scientific Fluorolube mulling agent BS6610 R2800
Buck Scientific Calcium Fluoride windows 25mm (pair) R1950